I'm currently training for the Brighton Marathon on April 18th, and raising some money for Water Aid in the process. This blog is my diary of the ups and downs of my training over the past few months.

I hope that you'll stick around, and please sponsor me! It's a genuinely great cause, and any encouragement and support I can get will be invaluable in keeping me going through this last stretch of training and on the day itself.

FINISHED I managed to finish the race. Thanks a lot to everyone who supported me through it.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pounding Snow

Okay so when the Great White descended this week, I decided to have a day or two off, you know, wait for it all to melt and leave the pavements fresh and reborn... Well, due to the unexpected icy persistence, by saturday I'd realised I was going to have to set out into the snowy wild. The pavements around here were still a bit dodgy, so I scrambled up to the playing field and ran laps around the perimeter. Rather repetitive to be honest, but I pressed on as the snow began to fall again (listening to a bit of footy commentary on the radio), and returned home after 60-odd minutes and what must've been getting on for 20 laps.

By this morning the thaw was most definitely advancing, so I followed the roads, fitting in a stretch dodging dog-walkers along the partially-frozen canal. Great conditions to be out in really, still valuably peaceful but no longer bitter, moorhens sliding around on the iced-over water, a buzzard taking off overhead. It made me wish I'd gotten out more this week, for sure.

A rather pathetic running portfolio this week, but I'm feeling pretty strong and gliding along nicely when I'm out there. My left knee and left foot have been giving me stick for a fair while, but I'm going to ignore those for the present.

Below are a dodgy pic of me in wintry-run mode, and a snap of the first of the snow coming down on tuesday afternoon.

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