I'm currently training for the Brighton Marathon on April 18th, and raising some money for Water Aid in the process. This blog is my diary of the ups and downs of my training over the past few months.

I hope that you'll stick around, and please sponsor me! It's a genuinely great cause, and any encouragement and support I can get will be invaluable in keeping me going through this last stretch of training and on the day itself.

FINISHED I managed to finish the race. Thanks a lot to everyone who supported me through it.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

'I used to be able to draw diagrams on my notes...'

The doctor poked my knee a bit while I talked profusely about my ailment. He prescribed me some anti-inflammatories and instructed me to book myself in for an X-ray. He then spent 5 minutes complaining about computers and the digitising of medical records. Apparently, when a patient switches doctor's surgery, their records aren't transfered digitally, they're just printed off onto a stack of paper that no-one ever reads. So the overall Doc's conclusion was: a) things were better in the old days, and b) I don't know what's wrong with your knee.

X-ray tomorrow morning. No running for a bit, it seems. Swimming, maybe.

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  1. oh yes! go swimming with me!! :D