I'm currently training for the Brighton Marathon on April 18th, and raising some money for Water Aid in the process. This blog is my diary of the ups and downs of my training over the past few months.

I hope that you'll stick around, and please sponsor me! It's a genuinely great cause, and any encouragement and support I can get will be invaluable in keeping me going through this last stretch of training and on the day itself.

FINISHED I managed to finish the race. Thanks a lot to everyone who supported me through it.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Three days to go. Forecast down in Brighton is dry and sunny, max day temp 13 C, with a measly 3 mph wind, according to BBC. That sounds pretty good, not hot, not raining or windy. Although it'd be better if it were overcast.

Zero running this week, as I ran half a mile on saturday only to feel pain coming back into my ankle. I called it a day straight away, and decided that I wouldn't run another yard before sunday: give it as much time to get strong as possible. And besides, if the ankle is going to give me real trouble on the day, I'd rather not know about it in advance. So I've been avoiding walking wherever possible.

Had my last dose of ultrasound today. Knee and ankle. My physio confirmed what I'd already been pursuing as my route to success this week: 'No walking, no driving, lots of ice, lots of painkillers. And fingers crossed'.

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