I'm currently training for the Brighton Marathon on April 18th, and raising some money for Water Aid in the process. This blog is my diary of the ups and downs of my training over the past few months.

I hope that you'll stick around, and please sponsor me! It's a genuinely great cause, and any encouragement and support I can get will be invaluable in keeping me going through this last stretch of training and on the day itself.

FINISHED I managed to finish the race. Thanks a lot to everyone who supported me through it.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Last Supper

I've been eating relatively healthily recently anyway* (as is advisable) but a few days back I indulged in what I decided would be one last hideously unhealthy meal before the Mara, as Pat & I picked up a juicy bucket of chicken. I've got to say, the Colonel's magic is not so great after sitting for 20 mins in a warm car on the way home from the drive-through. And contrary to what you may hear, a Krushem is just a standard milkshake, and you probably will forget your first one.

As I've been gradually running further distances, I've found the idea of eating another helping of anything that can be obtained from a drive-through in the near future makes me feel a little bit sick.

*For example, only on one (special) occasion since mid-january has so much as a droplet of beer passed my lips.

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